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STEP #2: I've made a more advanced workbook with insider tactics for selling more books - but I've decided to only give it to serious authors who open my emails and go through the daily videos. It's free, but you have to earn it. 
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I want to help you take action and see immediate results, so I'm also inviting you to an exclusive 5-Day "Bookseller Bootcamp" email challenge and video series. You'll discover simple strategies to boost visibility, the 4 main stages of publishing a bestseller, and the 3 secrets of making a living with your writing.  

This is life-changing material, and it's already helped thousands of authors share their creative vision with the world, so make sure you set aside some time so you can give your book the attention it deserves. 

All you need to do is open your emails (it'll be fun and easy, I promise). I also recorded an exclusive two-hour presentation with my most advanced book marketing hacks, but I'm only going to send it to those of you who read the book and open the emails.

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I've spent literally years putting together more free content for authors than anyone else on the internet. Over the next few days, you'll unpack not only a free library of publishing resources, free training and tutorial videos to help you publish without overspending on useless publishing or marketing services that are designed to prey on authors. But it's a losing battle, because most authors aren't looking to learn, they just want to find someone else they can pay to take everything over for them. That almost never works. Everything I'm going to share with you works, and it's the basic minimum you'll need to do before even considering selling or marketing your books. But it's still not enough - because most books don't have a ready audience or are sabotaged by common errors and amateur writing. That's why more recently I've been focused on teaching the craft of writing (everything I've learned after a PhD in Literature and over a hundred developmental edits). You can grab my bundle of writing courses for $37, or pick up my latest release, Book Craft.

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Having friends in the bestseller bootcamp will help motivate you and keep you accountable.
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