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Templates, tutorials and everything you need to DIY your own bestselling book.
Need bestselling book design on a DIY budget?
I get it. Publishing is expensive, and you're not ready to bet the farm on your project just yet. But your book design is crucial to your book's success. If you're going to do it yourself, my video tutorials and design templates will help you avoid the critical mistakes that will destroy sales. 
Pretty books make happy readers... don't take risks with yours!
A well-designed book will double your book reviews and cut your marketing budget in half. It'll encourage viral shares and instantly make the right readers eager to see what's inside.

A poorly designed book will get you blacklisted from bookstores and be rejected by readers before they even know what it's about. Shoddy book design can ruin your first (and only) impression.

I've helped over a thousand authors publish their books, but I wanted to try and help authors on a budget design books that are at least good enough to get readers to start reading, and remove a lot of the common frustrations and publishing challenges that first-time authors face.

So I've put all my best resources together in one epic book design package.

Why pay a designer when you can do it yourself? Here's what's included:

Book Formatting Templates

The Master Package of book formatting templates has over 100 options to make your book beautifully unique, a package of genre-specific templates, and a whole new video series on book formatting that's more in-depth and easier to follow than the free version.

Formatting a book can be a huge pain, especially if you're not familiar with text layout or fancy software like InDesign. It took me years as a professional book designer before I figured out things like which fonts to use, how wide to set your margins, and what to put on your copyright page or backmatter. My goal is to help indie authors learn how to format their own books for print and ebook, with no previous design experience or technical ability... and still have them look like they were done by a professional.

Book Cover Templates

Discover the untold secrets to designing your own book covers - that helped triple my ebook sales… almost overnight. I'll also explain the amateur design mistakes you need to avoid (every author makes mistake #3). My package of DIY book cover templates and companion course will help you get a cover that sells. Membership costs $87, but you get in for free if you sign up today.

You'll get dozens of high quality, professional-looking templates, along with detailed tutorials on how to customize them to make your own books uniquely beautiful.


Reach Your Readers

If your book is invisible, it won't matter how good it looks. Most authors publish first and try to build a platform later, and have no idea how to keep their book selling. You must learn to market your books and reach your readers, so I'm including my $197 course here as a bonus. Reach Your Readers focuses on building a stable author platform that attracts readers on autopilot, so you can stop marketing and start writing your next bestseller. These are the same methods I used to grow a new email list of over 25,000 readers, get 500+ reviews, and start making thousands of dollars a month in consistent book sales.


3D Promotional Graphics

You only get one first impression. Make it count with my book marketing graphics and 3D mockups. Using these for your book launch or discount deal will dramatically improve conversions, and get more likes and shares on social media. Graphics like this would probably cost at least $149.

While these are great to engage your audience, I wouldn't use them for advertising: a simple image of just a scene or person with your story hook or tagline will convert better... something you'll learn if you take my marketing courses.

Get the Master Package of book formatting templates, cover design templates, promotional graphics and my course on book marketing and save $30 today!
Is this massive package more than you need, a little disorganized? Yes. But it's also the best deal on the internet - some people are charging as much for just one individual template. Plus, most book design templates or premade covers aren't made by actual book designers, who know what it really takes to design books that attract readers, earn more book reviews, and sell on autopilot.

This is a one-time offer to thank new subscribers. I want to make sure your first interaction with me is positive, and you get a great deal so you can sample what I have to offer. Reach Your Readers has been compared to other book marketing courses in the $500+ range. I'm including it here because I know how much it will help. But the clock is ticking... I can't afford to give this much free stuff away for long.

Derek Murphy has a PhD in Literature, was featured by CNN for running a writer's retreat in a French castle, and has helped hundreds of authors publish bestselling books. Connect with him:

Is this package right for YOU?
I'll be honest, my resources won't help everyone. You'll need persistence and patience, to learn the basics of book design. But my templates and tutorials will make it a lot easier. If you want to save time and money, have more control over your publishing, and avoid amateur mistakes that will tank sales, not to mention learn some marketing hacks that are guaranteed to boost visibility for your book - this package is a great deal.
Only a handful of authors will do what it takes to actually earn a living with their writing. Are you ready to be one of them? Get everything you need for just $67...

"This has been all I hoped for and more! Thanks!" - Morgan Reece

Once you click the green button, you'll be taken to my online school where you can pay for the "course" - you'll automatically be enrolled in the Epic Book Design Package placeholder course and three additional courses where you can find all the material. You'll also get lifetime access to all the new book design resources I'm developing.

PS... I'm just testing things out right now and can't guarantee that all these bonuses, or my $197 book marketing course, will still be included in this package tomorrow. Act now if you want to get everything listed on this page!

Can I use all the fonts and images?
No - some of the professional formats use professional fonts. You may need to buy or install them if you want the exact same look, though there are plenty of free font options. I've used royalty-free images in my templates, but they aren't meant to be used as-is (if everybody used the same pictures, we'd have identical covers). But I will teach you how to find or get cheap art made for your cover.
Can you just do it for me?
No - I charge thousands of dollars for book design. This DIY option is for budget conscious authors who want to learn how to design their own books.
Can I Ask You a Question?
Yes, you'll get access to my private Facebook community where you can ask questions; you can also post comments on any course module and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Will this work for me?
I'll do my best to help you use the templates, and if you're committed to learning, I'm sure you'll master it in no time. That said, this is a design hack, not a solution. This package will help you produce a much better looking book if you're doing it yourself, but it probably won't be as good as professional book design in the $300-$500 range. But if you have many projects or need to publish quickly, these should do the trick.
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