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How to build an email list of raving fans before you publish your book

How to design and publish a professional looking book without paying for an experience designer or software

How to get dozens of book reviews ASAP (without begging or buying)

How to keep your books selling on autopilot and get Amazon to promote for you... so you can focus on WRITING
From Starving Artist to Bestselling Author
I spent 10 years begging for friends and family to support my work. Then I figured out how to create work that matters, get massive amounts of free visibility, and do what I love while travelling full-time. After working with over 1000 authors, I've discovered 3 SECRETS professional writers use to make a living with their writing. Sign up now for my free video series!
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"Today my first book got a nice, shiny orange bestseller sticker and I could not have done it without the help I received from Guerrilla publishing. For those of you just getting started, this info really does work! Read Derek's books, apply the lessons, spread the knowledge to others. Can't thank you enough Derek. You are THE MAN!"
- William Miller
"Oh my gosh, thank you Thank You THANK YOU! This is exactly what I need. Step-by-step of exactly what to do. This is direct, to the point, understandable! I've made a lot of mistakes on the 3 books I currently have out, and they're not selling. But the next I'm armed with knowledge! I'm dedicating my next book to Derek!" 
- JoAnn Hogenson
"Your emails are the most immediately timely - and helpful!  You may not realize how many of us authors (myself 'new') you are helping. You are making a difference in my writer's journey and it would be so much more of a climb were it not for you." - Dylan Dan Alexander 

"Your unselfish videos are amazing. I learn much more than I expected. It's like finding the genie in the bottle except you ask nothing in return and it's not three wishes, it's endless advice. Made for people like me who don't know where to step." 
- Ken Foley
"Don't ever take me off your email list! You are helping me tremendously with all your information on your website and on your videos. If it wasn't for your information, it would have been impossible for me to self-publish my first book." - Morning Damsel
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