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Don't Let Bad Design Kill Sales
Getting your book design right is the most important publishing decision you'll ever make. It matters way more than you think it does, and will have a massive impact on your advertising and promotion costs. It can easily be the difference between selling ten thousand copies, or less than a dozen. Maybe you want to make sure your book looks "bookstore quality" but aren't ready to invest in a professional designer yet. If that's you, I've got you covered. 

In addition to a high-quality package of book formatting templates, you'll also get templates and tutorials for designing a winning cover that's perfect for your book. Look over my shoulder as I design books in real time, and grab some tips and tools for marketing and promoting your book as well, in this one-time special offer.

These templates are designed for print, but also convert easily to ebook formats (I'll even walk you through my exact epub conversion process).

The Easiest Way To Format Your Book
You're a writer, not a book designer. Why waste time learning about page margins, line-height, typography, title pages, chapter headings, page numbers and a table of contents - and still end up with an unprofessional book - when you could just use my professional templates instead? Solve your formatting problems today and you could have your book up for sale on Amazon in just a few hours!

PS: You get ALL of these templates for one low price, so there's no need to choose. Play with them all, mix and match to create your own perfect blend (so it doesn’t look like you used a cheap template). Most online formatting templates are poor design and too basic to fit most genres - I've even seen some for sale that screw up the core fundamentals of good design. Your book deserves better.

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Guaranteed When You Order In The Next:

I paid $500 for my first book to be formatted, before I learned how to do it myself. And while other book design courses cost hundreds of dollars, I wanted to make sure to make mine affordable. But I also know that book formatting is just one small part of self-publishing successfully, and there's so much else you need to learn... with that in mind, on top of the templates, I'm sneaking in a few of my other publishing and book marketing courses for a limited time. (But keep it on the down low. Other authors are paying full price for these and I wouldn't want them to get upset that you're getting cheaper price).


Whether you plan to DIY your book cover design, or hire a professional, don't skip the critical insider tips and secrets I share with authors - it's not an exaggeration to say that a few quick tweaks to your book cover can triple your sales. It's also true that having the wrong cover will absolutely tank your book sales. Don't assume you've "got this covered." Avoid the common design mistakes most authors don't figure out until after they've wasted thousands of dollars on marketing.
  • DIY Templates: Over 100 templates in MS Word
  • Cover Design Tutorials: Advanced design tutorials on how to make your covers "pop."
  • Safety First: How to find the right fonts and images, without accidentally getting in legal trouble.
  • ​3D Images: Amazing 3D images and graphics you can use for ads and promotions


When authors ask "how to sell more books" they're usually already frustrated with just how hard it is to get any traction. The big secret, is that book design matters much more than you think it does. But the other factors are simple: you need more visibility + better conversion. I've already sent you a couple of great guides to book marketing to authors (check your inbox!) but it takes time to grow your author platform and fanbase. I spent years learning how to reach more readers and build a platform - over 100K subscribers and growing - and I put everything I knew into my first course on book marketing "Reach Your Readers." It's still super useful, but since parts of it are a little outdated, I'll give you free access when you grab this premium bundle.
  • Author Website: How to build a beautiful author website for cheap (that actually sells book)
  • Content Tips: What to blog about and how to get traffic fast
  • Target Audience: Keyword and category research so you know exactly how to position your book
  • ​Create an Author Brand: A "brand" is how people feel when they think about you... make sure you get it right.


I've helped hundreds of authors launch bestsellers, but some of them get stuck in the "review" phase - they simply never get enough reviews to actually market their books successfully. Most people will tell you, you need to build an email list, but they don't show you how. So I put this course together with some suggestions, including how to use viral giveaways, set up a Facebook group or page (and actually get people to join), how to set up ARC copies and encourage readers to post reviews - without accidentally breaking Amazon's terms of service and ending up in hot water.
  • More Reviews: Seriously, this matters, more than almost anything. Don't wait.
  • Email List Growth: The bigger your list, the easier it will be to launch; you can even start building it before you publish.
  • Viral Giveaways: How to use giveaways to attract the PERFECT audience for your book.
  • Automate Your Marketing: Don't waste time with BS social media blasts or "publicists" - those don't work. Set up an author platform that sells books on autopilot, so you can get back to writing.


Here's the thing - book design, marketing, reviews are all crucial... to get the right readers to start reading. But what if they stop? How will you know why they quit reading? What if reviewers ghost you and nobody will give you honest feedback? Even if you work with a professional developmental editor, they can help flag common writing problems but they won't rewrite the book for you. If you've done everything else right but things still aren't working... it's a sign that your actual content isn't satisfying readers. But why wait for disaster when you can take action now? The truth is, most authors make predictable, routine errors that are easily fixed if you take time to improve your craft and learn what to watch out for. I've put together some resources to help you self-edit your book, not only to make sure it's clean and professionally written, but to help you tell the best version of your story in a way that captivates readers.
  • Best Editing Software: Easily fix typos, grammar mistakes and amateur writing weaknesses without an editor
  • Engage Readers: Most books are stories in search of a plot: use my templates to give your book the structure it needs.
  • Page-Turning Secrets: To keep readers hooked, you need the subtle masteries of intrigue, suspense and drama.
  • Shorten the Learning Curve: Why waste years playing around with your book, when you could confidently get it written and published so you can start a new one?


"Are you for real?" I know some people will see this dump of content and think, this is way too good a deal, what's the catch? As someone a PhD in Literature, I could easily be charging a LOT more for a writing course, not to mention the courses on publishing or book marketing. And I'm giving them away for free to sell a cheap package of formatting templates? What gives?

I don't have a good answer for that, except I'm a socially awkward introvert, who is both an overachiever and a people pleaser. Even though I get rave reviews and grateful emails from authors all the time, I still don't feel like my work is polished enough. Other people charge hundreds of dollars for flimsy PDF's and boring online courses with no new content. I absolutely know my stuff is better, but it's also a lot.

Some authors are looking for a quick, simple, done-for-you service... but those don't work, and I'm not for hire (I'd rather be writing my own books). So instead, I've invested a lot of time and money trying to put imperfect but helpful things into the world, to combat the rampant predatory author services and bogus offers out there. I'd much rather you get a bunch of my stuff cheap and learn to avoid expensive mistakes, than to sign up for a glossy marketer who promises big results and then leaves you hanging.

The formatting templates alone are easily worth $37 (some people are charging double for just one style, instead of the huge range of styles and genres you'll get in my bundle.) Any one of the bonuses may have a big impact on your book sales and author platform - you'd only need to sell around twenty extra books to make this bundle worth it, and I've helped many authors sell over 20 books a day.)

Honestly, I'm only doing this because I don't have time to help everyone personally, and I want you to get as much value as possible. But hey, don't take my word for it. Scroll down for some reviews and testimonials, and if you're even a little interested in ANY of the bonuses, whether or not you feel you need the extra formatting templates, grab this offer so you can save a ton of money.

And if at any time you feel that the resources and bonuses included in this package haven't resulted in at least $37 worth of book sales for you, if you aren't using the info or templates or package in any way and you didn't learn something new that will give you more confidence while saving a lot of pain, frustration and expensive mistakes, just let me know and I'll refund you 100% (seriously, for any reason) no questions asked.

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Do I really NEED this?
You can get by with the free sample package and I have tons of free materials you'll receive by email. If you upgrade, you'll get more choices for a more unique book style that fits your genre or subject perfectly. The resources in this package will save you at least 10 frustrating hours, and help you level up much faster - and if you put in the work, you could shave months or even years off your learning curve and save thousands of dollars by learning how to self-publish and market your books on a budget. It's only useful if you use it: it won't do any good if you just set on the resources without looking through them and applying the lessons. But even if it helps you learn to format your own books or handle more of the graphic design elements yourself (so you can publish and promote a professional looking product that doesn't scream "amateur hour!" then yes, it's worth it. Social media is FULL of ugly books that make my eyes bleed and I unfollow self-publishing authors quickly if they can't even invest in quality design).
Will it work for ME though?
If you use Microsoft Word, it will work for you. There are a lot of hidden features you'll need to become familiar with, but that's why I have all the tutorial videos. That said, these are templates, not a plug-and-play software where you can upload your manuscript and it will spit out a perfectly polished format. The closest thing to that is Vellum, which is only offered for Mac users, and is expensive - but worth it if that's what you're looking for. If you're on a PC and want to format your own books in MS Word or InDesign, there's a steep learning curve... but I've already done the bulk of the set-up work in these templates, including the margins, headers, footers, title pages, even back matter recommendations. You'll need to copy+paste chapters into my templates and then set the styles for the chapter headings and first paragraphs, but that's about it. My templates make things a lot easier, but they aren't a magic wand that make them effortless. That said, they've helped produces tens of thousands of books and helped a lot of people not just publish successfully, but actually hit #1 bestseller and make a living from their writing. You could be next.
What happens after I sign up?
Everything is hosted on "Teachable" which is an online course platform; you'll have access to ALL the courses mentioned above, from the menu bar on the top of the site. Inside each specific course, you'll find zip bundles full of the templates you can download and open up. I've used a mix of the best free and paid fonts, and I've included links of where to get them. You can easily swap out your own fonts, but you should make sure you have the right license to use them in print books. Some of my templates includes images - you shouldn't really use those (because lots of other authors will be getting them also). For any images you use in your books, you should make sure you download your own copy from a reputable stock photo site so that you have the correct license and avoid legal trouble.


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